Coffee Jam Podcast

Find Your Jam + Queen Bean Coffee = Coffee Jam

In the tradition of coffee houses in England in the 17th century, the Coffee Jam podcast is a meeting place to discuss news and ideas. We aim to create a community based around chatting over a nice cup of coffee.

We’ll be talking about third-wave coffee and coffee culture, careers and job searching, creativity, diversity and inclusion, and more. We’ll have guests join us to chat about our topics and interview interesting people about “how they found their jam.”

Meet Your Podcasters

Jamie Morgen Phillips is a plant and cat lady just trying to have it all. She runs Find Your Jam Job Search Coaching, where she helps job seekers write successful job applications and develop effective job search strategies. She’s a big fan of coffee but knows next to nothing about it. In her spare time, she writes creative nonfiction about travel gone wrong.

Instagram: @findyourjam.jobsearchcoaching

Jennifer Young is the founder and curator at The Queen Bean Curated Coffee (and tea). She has travelled and enjoyed the local coffee and food of nearly 20 countries to find her jam. Her life has been steeped in coffee through years as an event coordinator, barista, café manager, and leading the build of a café. She uses her experience and knowledge to get you the coffee and tea that is your jam! She is the mum of a rescued whippet cross who is the delivery woman (sorta) of Queen Bean’s coffee and tea subscription boxes.


Instagram & Facebook: @queenbeancuratedcoffee

Episode 1: The Intersection of Dolphin Dissections, Duels, and Coffee Culture

What does Isaac Newton dissecting a dolphin have to do with coffee?

Join us in Coffee Jam’s inaugural episode to find out! We’ll be chatting about the history of coffee houses in England, third-wave coffee, goats high on caffeine, the persistence of gender bias in coffee culture, and more.