My new book, The In-between Places: A Memoir of Travelling Through the Unexpected, is now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

The In-between Places is a captivating travel memoir that will take you on a wild and unforgettable journey. With a keen eye for detail and a delightful sense of humour, Jamie shares her travel experiences from across the globe. From battling monstrous insects in Bolivia to facing death on India’s chaotic public transportation system, Jamie’s stories are filled with misadventures, wrong turns, and a deep appreciation for the beauty and absurdity of the world.

Through Jamie’s vivid descriptions, readers will join her as she battles hypothermia, altitude sickness, and a donkey in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan. This book features earthquakes, car crashes, venomous snakes, tyrannical cattle farmers, and other disasters, big and small.

This travel memoir is not just a collection of stories but a celebration of the human experience. The In-between Places is an uplifting read that will remind readers of the joy of travel and how our worst experiences often make for the best stories.

Jamie Morgen Phillips

After 37 countries on six continents over more than a decade of travelling and living abroad, Jamie has settled in Calgary, Alberta, with her cat, Noodles, and her girlfriend, Jackie.