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How I Found My Jam: A Journey in Job Searches

My “jam” is helping other people find theirs. My greatest professional pleasure is when my clients are successful in their job searches, getting that interview, new job, or promotion. It was a long, twisty road to get here…

How I Found My Jam: The Queen Bean Story

Interview with Jennifer Young of Queen Bean Curated Coffee on the story of how she found her jam, from childhood to career changes and travel to building a community of coffee lovers with bespoke coffee subscriptions.

Imposters: Who Are They?

Who experiences imposter syndrome? Are imposters born or made? Is it an individual phenomenon or a product of our culture?

Where Do Imposter Feelings Come From?

Imposter feelings are persistent doubts in one’s abilities and the fear of being found a fraud, despite evidence to the contrary. But where do they come from? Is it the much worse, grown-up version of the tooth fairy? Except when she visits our houses at night, she doesn’t leave money, she leaves self-doubt and a…


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About Me

Hi, I’m Jamie. Resume & Job Search Coach based in Calgary, Alberta. This blog is about all things work: finding a job, career development, and making work better.

As someone with disabilities, I’m especially interested in workplace diversity, equity & inclusion.

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Artwork by Andrea Bures
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